Excipient World Conference Program

Internationally recognized education for drug, biologics, OTC and medical device / combination product manufacturers

The Excipient World Conference Program provides the most in-depth and comprehensive education program on excipients, covering the entire spectrum of topics for manufacturers of chemically-derived and generic drugs, biologics, biosimilars, OTC, medical device / combination products and emerging sectors such as precision and regenerative medicine.

Manufacturing professionals in formulation, operations, R&D, procurement and regulations must stay current on the latest excipient trends, products, technologies, and regulatory changes. Excipient World’s conference program, expo and networking programs provide all the sessions you need to to meet the demands of the global drug, consumer products and medical device / combination marketplace while advancing your professional careers.

Choosing one or several excipients for a drug or biologic product formulation is an important step in development. Consumer demand for cost-effective products, changing regulations, and new excipient technologies must be considered in the R&D process for new drugs and products.

Excipient World Conference Program


A carefully-chosen excipient may reduce manufacturing costs by being multifunctional or may enhance patient experience by offering taste masking properties. An excipient must best suit the intended dosage form of the drug, demonstrate great organoleptic properties, conform to pharmacopeial regulations, be easy to source, and work effectively. The right excipient will have the ideal pharmacokinetic properties for the intended pharmaceutical application. It will also work well with a manufacturers existing equipment or fit into a manufacturing plan. Deciding factors may include the intended use of the compound, the amount of compound needed (grams to tonnage) or environmental conditions that might affect an excipient. Other considerations include potential toxicity, the origin of the chemicals, and other special factors, including using a plant-based excipient over one of animal origin (gelatin).

Excipient World Conference Program In-depth education drugs biologics OTC medical device combination manufacturers

Excipient World’s education program improves the proficiency level and knowledge for all manufacturers using excipients in their finished drugs or biologic products.

Speakers include pharmaceutical, biologics, and excipient manufacturer thought leaders

Excipient World attracts industry experts from pharmaceutical, biologic and excipient manufacturers, government and academia including Pfizer, AMGEN, Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, BASF, Dupont, FDA, New York University and University of Maryland to speak at the conference. The education program includes presentations, case studies, panels, hands-on workshops and poster sessions presented over three days.


Pre-Conference Workshops

IPEC-Americas’ selected subject matter experts from the FDA and industry will present quality, regulatory and safety updates in half-day workshops on the first day of Excipient World 2019. These educational workshops are designed to foster learning and maximize participant engagement in a small group setting.

Two Days of Educational Sessions

With a wide array of current, relevant, and thought-provoking sessions and numerous opportunities to connect and network, Excipient World 2019 is designed to immerse manufacturing professionals in all things excipient from excipient formulation to excipient delivery systems to regulations and compliance and new excipient and ingredient innovations.

Compliance with excipient GMP/GDP is important to everyone involved in the manufacture, distribution or use of excipients, a topic also presented in the conference program.

Conference Program highlights include:

  • Four keynote speakers share their expertise on top issues facing drug and biologic manufacturers
  • 20+ educational sessions covering trends in excipient processing, innovative drug applications, and supply chain security provided by industry thought leaders, government officials, and excipient manufacturers
  • Poster presentations displaying the latest in excipient research and emerging technologies from industry innovators and universities around the world

Education continues on the exhibition floor

The Excipient World exhibition connects global excipient manufacturing suppliers and the excipient user community to learn about science innovations, new excipients that can be used in formulation and delivery systems, and excipient supply chain and sourcing options. Attendees will have exclusive time and two full days of exhibit hall hours, as well as plenty of networking events to meet with exhibitors and other attendees.

A comprehensive array of excipient solutions will be presented in the exhibit hall, including Source, Products, Process, Functionality, Drug Dosage Forms and Finished products.

Excipient World 2019 will have an expanded show floor presenting more industry suppliers form around the world than ever before.

Excipient World Conference Program In-depth education drugs biologics OTC medical device combination manufacturers

Excipient World Conference Program

May 6 – 8, 2019