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Dr Nelson Ayala, PhD

Unicus Pharmaceuticals, LLC


Nelson Ayala

Dr. Nelson Ayala joined Unicus Pharmaceuticals in May 2018. Dr. Ayala is a highly experienced product development professional with a strong background in topical drug products, surfactant chemistry, and microbiology of the skin and hair.

He has 30 years of combined research and product development experience in the domestic personal care market, specializing in odor control. He has expertise in product development including pre-formulation, formulation design & optimization, and scale-up of topical, oral, rectal, vaginal for gastrointestinal, feminine hygiene and diaper rash. Dr. Ayala was involved with numerous product development, reformulation, scale-up or manufacturing projects related to topical skincare (e.g. dermatological), oral liquid (e.g. laxative, oral rehydration, anti-gas), oral solids (e.g. anti-gas panned chews, gummies with fiber, probiotic tablets), and rectal solids (e.g. suppositories). He is skilled in formulations that are preserved with a range of preservatives in semi-solid creams, gels and lotions.

He has worked on various preservation systems in ointments, suspensions, sticks, thin strips, syrups, suppositories, tablets, pan chews, roll-ons, aerosols, wet wipes. He has designed novel drug delivery/platform technologies with preservatives working with external vendors. Currently Dr. Ayala is involved in the formulation of preservatives in natural products.


Preservation of Products for the Pharmaceutical Industry 05/08/2019 09:30 AM
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