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Dr Dieter Lubda

Merck KGaA

Director R&D Operations


Dr. Dieter Lubda is heading R&D Operations of Actives and Formulation within Merck KGaA Life Science business unit. The Formulation R&D teams within the franchise are mainly focusing on the development and solid and liquid formulations of excipients for oral and parental administration of drugs. Focus of the R&D lab activities in Darmstadt Germany are new established technologies products for oral administration among are polyols for Wet- and Dry-granulation and Direct Compression, mesoporous inorganic (Silica) carrier, as well as alternative sustained release polymers (e.g. PVA based) and polymers enhancing properties of APIs by combing them with e.g. hot melt extrusion technology.

During his career of more than 30 years with Merck KGaA/ Germany Dr. Dieter Lubda has contributed to high number of publications, and oral or poster presentations dealing with chemical and pharmaceutical topics. He is one of the inventors of more than 50 patents filed or granted.

Dr. Dieter Lubda holds a Ph.D. degree in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Vienna, Austria and had got the degree “Diploma Engineer of Chemistry” after finalizing his thesis at the Technical University of West-Berlin, Germany.


Excipients and Manufacturing Technologies Addressing Future Needs 05/07/2019 11:00 AM
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