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Priscilla Zawislak

Dow DuPont

Global Regulatory Affairs Advocacy Manager

  • Global Regulatory Affairs Advocacy Manager for Dow’s pharmaceutical and nutrition business since 2016.
  • Current Chair of IPEC-Americas and President of the IPEC Federation, a member of IPEC Americas committees since 2001 and a member of the IPEC Americas Executive Committee.
  • Member of the IPEC-FDA IID Working Group since its inception, Chair of the Atypical Actives Coalition and member of the Coalition for the Rational Implementation of Elemental Impurities.
  • Actively involved as an IPEC Federation representative in the Pharmacopoeia Discussion Group (PDG) for the harmonization of excipient monographs in the USP-NF, EP and JP.
  • IPEC-Americas representative on several USP related committees including the Excipients Project Team, the Compendial Process Improvement Team, the General Notices Project Team, served as Chair for several Stakeholder Forums, and a Delegate to the USP Convention.
  • Participated for over 10 years in the International Food Additives Council and OFCA, a trade association for cellulose derivatives.
  • Prior positions included Global Regulatory Affairs Manager for Ashland Inc.’s Pharmaceutical and Nutrition business and Quality Manager at FMC BioPolymer.
  • Bachelor degrees in Biological Sciences and Chemistry from the University of Delaware.


Addressing Pharmaceutical Industry Challenges 05/06/2019 09:00 AM Challenges Related to Stability of Excipients and their Supply Chain 05/07/2019 01:30 PM
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