Excipient World 2019 Exhibitor List

Excipient World will showcase excipient suppliers offering an array of solutions

Excipient World 2019 will present an expanded exhibit hall of dozens of excipient suppliers offering a mix of solutions across multiple product categories. Suppliers include global excipient manufacturers, labs and testing services, contract manufacturers, and much more. Learn about new solutions and discuss your excipient supply chain needs, operational challenges, and R&D plans with dozens of excipient suppliers and related services in the exhibit hall.

Solutions presented at the event are critical for pharmaceutical, biologic, veterinary medicine, medical device / combination product, and emerging sector manufacturers that rely on excipients. Suppliers will showcase solutions in these categories and more:

  • Source – plant-based excipients, etc.
  • Products – inorganic chemicals (calcium salts, halites, metallic oxides, silicates, etc.), organic chemicals (carbohydrates, petrochemicals, oleochemicals, proteins, etc.) and pharmaceutical water
  • Process – granulation and direct compression methods
  • Functionality – binder & adhesives, etc.
  • Drug dosage forms – oral, topical, parenteral and advanced
  • Finished products – prescription and Over-The-Counter (OTC) products

Exhibitors will present solutions from the following categories

Exhibitor Product Category
Academic Research & Development
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
Analytical Laboratory Testing Services
Antimicrobial Preservatives
Associations and Media
Atypical Actives
Bio Services
Bioprocess Equipment Systems & Services
Capsules / Encapsulation
Cleanroom Equipment & Supplies
CMO (Contract Pharmaceutical Manufacturing)
CMR (Contract R&D)
Coating Agents
Color and Dispersions
Compliance Services
Contract Blending and Mixing
Contract Packaging
Contract Services
Contract | Development | Manufacturing | Biomanufacturing of Product
Custom Manufacturing
Drug Delivery Systems
Emulsifying / Solubilising Agents
Facility Design | Engineering | Critical Utilities | Construction & Commissioning
Fine Chemicals and Intermediates
Finished Dosage Formulations
Flavors and Perfumes
Generic APIs
Inspection | Packaging Technology | Testing& Accessories
Intermediate and Synthesis chemicals
Lab Services
Laboratory Instrumentation QA/QC
Natural Extracts
Ointments Bases
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment
Pharmaceutical Technology | Laboratory & Analytical Equipment
Pre Clinical Trials | Clinical Trials Stages 1-4 | CRO | Clinical Data
Process Components | Supplies & Instrumentation
Processing Technology
Raw Materials
Regulatory and Compliance services
Repacking and Dispensing Services
Specialty Chemicals
Suppository Bases
Suspending / Viscosity Increasing Agents
Sweetening Agents
Tablet Filler-Binders