Excipient World 2019 Exhibitor List

Excipient World will showcase suppliers in the expo offering an array of solutions

Excipient World 2019 will present an expanded exhibit hall with a broader array of solutions across multiple product categories. Suppliers include global excipient manufacturers, labs and testing services, and much more.

Visit with all of the exhibitors over two days to learn more about their offerings and discuss your needs with these leading companies to solve your formulation, compliance and supply chain challenges:

Booth #105: Ashland. At Ashland, our goal is to help you apply pharmaceutical polymers to develop your formulations. Our molecular scientists, chemists, formulators and process engineers help advance complex oral solid dosage formulations. Our team leverages a diverse polymer excipient and film coatings portfolio to provide comprehensive solutions, so when you’re ready to formulate, we’re ready to help.


Booth #214: ASR / Domino Foods. Our companies are leaders in their respective markets. We sell our branded and private label sugars, sweeteners and syrups in the grocery, food service, industrial and pharmaceutical channels in the Americas, Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia.


Booth #207: BASF. BASF creates chemistry for a sustainable future offering intelligent solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. With expertise in polymer chemistry, R&D-capabilities and commitment in developing excipients, BASF creates solutions for Instant & Modified Release, Solubilization, Softgels, Skin Delivery and Biologics. BASF is the leading supplier of APIs as ibuprofen and omega-3.


Booth #303: BioSpectra. BioSpectra offers contract, custom GMP product development: Premium GMP Biological Buffers, critical GMP Process Chemicals, critical Excipients and Active Substances. All products are manufactured exclusively in the USA at our state-of-the-art facilities.  US-FDA registered and inspected, we adhere to the most rigorous Quality System and the highest Regulatory Standards.

BioSpectra proudly announces the commercial launch of a new, dedicated, bulk manufacturing process for GMP grades of Sodium Hydroxide solutions made with USP purified and WFI grade water meeting specialty BET specifications that does not rely on the use of pellets.


Booth #314: Chemroy. Chemroy has over 50 years of experience in specialty chemicals and ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry. With our broad portfolio of leading brand excipients and dedicated pharma experts. BENEO-Palatinit is part of the Südzucker Group. Joining Chemroy in the booth is BENEO-Palatinit which produces galenIQ™ (Isomalt Ph.Eur., USP-NF, JP) according to IPEC-PQG cGMP requirements for pharmaceutical excipients. galenIQ™ is a highly functional filler-binder, characterized by its good flavor, ease of use and applicability to a wide range of solid and liquid dosage forms, such as tablets, sachets, lozenges and syrups.


Booth #215: Chemtrade. Chemtrade is a US manufacturer of API grade potassium chloride, multicompendial grade potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxides pellets, and aluminum vaccine adjuvants for the pharmaceutical industry. Our best-in-class and flexible cGMP manufacturing assets provide our customers with high quality and customizable products. We are excited to announce the commissioning of our state-of-the-art cGMP adjuvant manufacturing plant, going live this May 2019. Please stop by for more information and details!


Booth #116: Chosksi Laboratories Ltd. Chosksi Labs is one of the largest contract research organisations in India with branches spanned across six strategic locations in India and engaged in primarily testing of various products. With vast experience of 25 years in pharmaceuticals varying expertise ranging from routine quality tests to niche services – extractable and leachable, we are able to provide our customers one shop stop for all their Quality Control as well as Development / Validation needs.


Booth #310: Colorcon. Colorcon is a world leader in the development, supply and technical support of formulated film coating systems, modified release technologies, and functional excipients for the pharmaceutical industry. Our best-in-class products and technologies are complemented by our value-added services, which support all phases of solid oral dose design and development.


Booth #210: DFE Pharma. DFE Pharma is the global leader in excipient solutions. We develop, produce and market excipients for oral solid dose and dry powder inhalation. Our portfolio consists of filler/binders (Lactose, MCC, Starch), Superdisintegrants (CCS and SSG) and carriers for inhalation (Lactose).


Booth #304: DuPont Nutrition & Health. Rooted in science, driven by engineering, and united by purpose, DuPont exists to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. We are a science company with an extraordinary range of materials science, chemistry, biological science and engineering capabilities, and a corresponding breadth of products. Today, we drive progress by blending our deep customer knowledge and unrivaled expertise in applied science and engineering to meet the global challenges created by a rising population, a growing global middle class, and increasing demands on our planet’s resources. Since the beginning of 2017, DuPont Nutrition & Health has taken numerous actions to advance its global leadership role in sustainability.


Booth #312: Eastman Chemicals. Eastman offers a wide variety of pharmaceutical ingredients including actives, excipients, and intermediates. From cellulose esters for capsule or tablet coatings to hydroquinone for skin lightening to neutralizing, extraction, and reactive agents.


Booth #113: Evonik. Evonik, a global leader in specialty chemicals, provides drug delivery technologies, API manufacturing, intermediates, ingredients for nutraceuticals, amino acids and derivatives. Drug delivery technologies include formulation development services, solubility enhancement, functional excipients, bioresorbable polymers, lipid nanoparticles and GMP manufacturing for oral and parenteral formulations. Advanced delivery technologies for extended-release parenterals are offered for small molecules, peptides, proteins, antibodies, and nucleic acids.


Booth #118: George Uhe Company. Representing a vast array of the finest producers and manufacturers around the world, George Uhe Company supplies customers with the raw materials to develop and manufacture flavor and fragrance, pharmaceutical, medical, nutritional, animal health, personal care, cosmetic, dental and oral hygiene products.


Booth #219: Grace. Grace is a worldwide leader in specialty silica gel manufacturing, Grace’s portfolio of products and services for the pharmaceutical industry include SYLOID® formulation excipients, VYDAC® and DAVISIL® bulk chromatographic resins, SILSOL® silica-based technologies to enhance drug solubility, and custom intermediates and regulatory starting materials.


Biddle Sawyer is manufacturer’s representative and distributor selling and marketing excipient chemical companies products into the Life Sciences industry for over 60 years. Biddle Sawyer is partnering with Grace for the purpose of introducing and expanding applications for Grace’s Syloid® excipients and Silsol® silica-based drug delivery product lines into the pharmaceutical, generic, OTC, and nutraceutical industries. Biddle Sawyer also represents additional companies who produce cellulosics, methacrylates, pre-mixed and co-processed excipients, in addition to some unique functional excipients.


Booth #211: IMCD US Pharma. IMCD US Pharma (former Mutchler Inc.) has 70 years of heritage providing specialty ingredients and superior service to the pharmaceutical industry. As part of the global IMCD Pharma Group, we offer an unrivalled portfolio of leading brand excipients, which combined with our team of dedicated pharma experts, offer formulation solutions & connectivity to customers and suppliers alike. IMCD US Pharma also offers Added Value Services (AVS) through production-ready excipients (sampling, repacking, and weighing).


Booth # 108: Innophos. Innophos partners with clients, creating essential ingredients to improve quality of life. Visit us at Excipient World to learn about our highly compressible, co-processed multi-functional excipients such as NutraTab® and Tri-Tab®. Our label-friendly, patented excipients can simplify your formulations, increase process efficiency, improve tablet integrity, reduce pill size, and more!


Booth #205: IOI Oleo GmbH. IOI Oleo is a subsidiary of IOI Corporation Berhad, an international oleochemicals, specialty fats & oils, palm oil cultivation, milling, crushing and refinery company with over 30,000 employees worldwide. IOI Oleo GmbH market focus is production on basis of vegetable, sustainable raw materials for the pharma, personal care and nutrition industries. In particular, our pharmaceutical market focus is lipid-based excipients and APIs manufactured in our EU cGMP-certified and U.S. FDA approved facility. Our well-known products, including MIGLYOL®, WITEPSOL®, SOFTISAN® as well as IMWITOR® and DYNASAN® deliver proven quality and unique performance.


Booth #106: JRS PHARMA. JRS PHARMA is a leading manufacturer of excipients, offering a complete portfolio of solutions for the global health science industry. Our excipients portfolio includes high functionality excipients, binders, disintegrants, lubricants, functional fillers, thickeners, stabilizers, carriers, and coatings. In addition to our wide range of excipients, we offer excellent technical support to address the needs and formulation challenges of our customers.


Booth #306: Mallinckrodt. Mallinckrodt is a global specialty pharmaceutical business that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes specialty pharmaceutical products. Mallinckrodt is an industry leader manufacturing a range of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients, including Acetaminophen/Paracetamol, controlled substances and stearates.


Booth #212: Medelpharm. Medelpharm offers a portfolio of multi-functional Tableting Instruments, R&D presses and High-speed Compaction simulators along with Process equipment from lab scale to production. Global Lab Services in tableting, granulation and coating complete our portfolio. The new Benchtop R&D tablet press, the STYL’One Nano, is the latest example of Medelpharm’s expertise.

Medelpharm Tablet Science laboratory provides services to understand how tablet formulations behave under compression. Premium Tablet Instruments, featuring with High Velocity Dynamics, significantly mitigates the risks during scale-up to rotary tablet presses.


Booth #111: MilliporeSigma. MilliporeSigma, the life science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany provides specialized SAFC® products and services for pharma and biopharma companies to develop and manufacture drugs safely and efficiently. We offer a broad range of excipients for all final dosage forms, including solubility enhancement and controlled release, supporting your risk assessment.


Booth #311: Nitika Pharmaceutical Specialities Pvt. Ltd. Nitika Pharmaceutical Specialities (NITIKA CHEMICALS) is a purely Pharma focused company with a specific focus on only Pharmaceutical specialized Excipients.


Booth #107: Omya. Omya is the leading manufacturer and producer of mineral based excipients and high purity natural calcium carbonate – an excellent source of bioavailable calcium, specially designed for pharmaceutical applications in solid and liquid oral dosage forms. We offer various platforms and innovative solutions tailored to your needs including supplementation, granulation and tableting. Omyapharm® is our newest excipient platform offering faster disintegration, higher compactability and carrier functionalities. Please stop by our booth for more information.


Booth #301: Pace Analytical Life Sciences. Pace Analytical is a full service, cGMP-compliant, Chemistry and Microbiology contract laboratory services: ICH Stability, method development and validation, assays, dissolution drug release, raw materials, impurities, elemental metals, microbial limits, antimicrobial effectiveness, environmental monitoring. Pace Analytical Life Sciences operates two laboratories, one in St. Paul, MN and the other in San German.


Booth #104: SGS North America. Work with SGS to combine audits that save your business time and money. SGS is the only provider able to offer a comprehensive range of quality, safety, sustainability, social and security services to our partners. We work with you across all your compliance needs to build you a customized solution.


Booth #204: Shin-Etsu. Shin-Etsu is the leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical excipients based on cellulose ether chemistry.  In addition to our portfolio of HPMC and Methylcellulose, Shin-Etsu is the originator of HPMCAS and HPMCP for solid dispersion and enteric coating.  Our innovative L-HPC has been recognized as a problem-solving binder and disintegrant.


Booth #110: Solvay. Solvay is a global partner for pharmaceutical companies offering solubilizing, wetting, dispersing, emulsifying agents and tablet manufacturing aids. Solvay, the world’s leading supplier of Docusate, manufactures pharmaceutical grade products to the highest quality standards under current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), and is the holder of a USA Drug Master File (DMF) for Docusate.

From granulation, to hot-melt extrusion and nano-milling, Solvay has developed functional excipients to support the most challenging solubilization issues.


Booth #206: Univar Solutions. The two leaders in chemical and ingredient distribution, Univar and Nexeo Solutions, have joined together and become Univar Solutions. At Univar Solutions, we’re building on 90+ years of experience and leadership to deliver more value-added services, next-generation digital tools, technical assistance and specialized market expertise to help pharmaceutical industry customers and suppliers anticipate, navigate and leverage meaningful growth opportunities.  (The merger to become one company was enormous, with more warehouses, expanded fleet of trucks, more ingredients, etc.)


Booth #100: USP. USP is an independent scientific organization that collaborates with the world’s top experts in health and science to develop quality standards for medicines, dietary supplements, and food ingredients. Through our standards, advocacy and education, USP helps increase the availability of quality medicines, supplements and food for billions of people world-wide.


Booth #114: IPEC-Americas. International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council of the Americas is a U.S. trade association whose members include excipient producers, distributors, and finished drug manufacturers, as well as companies and individuals that supply other specialized services to industry segments. Over 80 U.S. companies are IPEC-Americas members. IPEC-Americas brings together diverse stakeholders that share a common objective: Safe and effective production and use of excipients. Excipient World is an IPEC-Americas event. Learn more about how joining IPEC-Americas can help your company to thrive in the ever-evolving excipient market.


Booth #213: Pharmaceutical Technology


Booth #220: American Pharmaceutical Review

Plan your visit using the interactive floor plan below:

Solutions presented at the event are critical for pharmaceutical, biologic, veterinary medicine, medical device / combination product, and emerging sector manufacturers that rely on excipients. Suppliers will showcase solutions in these categories and more:

  • Source – plant-based excipients, etc.
  • Products – inorganic chemicals (calcium salts, halites, metallic oxides, silicates, etc.), organic chemicals (carbohydrates, petrochemicals, oleochemicals, proteins, etc.) and pharmaceutical water
  • Process – granulation and direct compression methods
  • Functionality – binder & adhesives, etc.
  • Drug dosage forms – oral, topical, parenteral and advanced
  • Finished products – prescription and Over-The-Counter (OTC) products