Excipient World Speaker Information

IPEC-Americas developed education program led by pharmaceutical, biologics and excipient manufacturing thought leaders

The International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council of the Americas (IPEC-Americas) is the global association of manufacturers and users of pharmaceutical excipients and the organizer of Excipient World. IPEC-Americas focuses on the applicable law, regulations, science, and business practices of excipients, and strives to develop the most in-depth, innovative and comprehensive education program presented over three days at Excipient World. IPEC-Americas is proud that Excipient World’s conference program is internationally recognized as one of the best education programs in the pharmaceutical industry, covering every aspect of excipients.

Excipient World Conference Program

Excipient World Speakers IPEC-Americas International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council business practices scienceExcipient World’s conference is a platform for industry experts to educate drug, biologics, veterinary medicine, medical device / combination product and other excipient user manufacturers on the latest excipient formulation and delivery system innovations and technologies, regulation and compliance mandates, new drug and product applications, and much more. The conference includes interactive half-day pre-conference workshops on technical and regulatory issues, followed by two full days of education sessions on all aspects of excipients.

Excipient World speakers include excipient industry experts from leading pharmaceutical companies and other manufacturers, excipient manufacturers, government agencies and universities.

Excipient World is accepting abstracts for the 2019 Conference:
May 6 (pre-conference workshops)
May 7 – 8 (full conference program and exhibition)

CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS: Please use the form below to submit your abstract to be considered as a speaker at Excipient World 2019. Submission deadline is August 31, 2018.

Exhibitor Workshop Sponsorships

Excipient World offers opportunities for industry suppliers to present an education session on excipient solutions.
Click here for more information on available sponsorships.

Talks are to be technical, not commercial. Presentations are not to be marketing or sales focused. Sales pitches have a negative impact on the audience and Excipient World maintains a total science, quality and safety education focus.

Exhibitor Workshops may begin with a 5-minute brief on the company and product/service offerings. Any competitive comparisons against other specific ingredients and/or suppliers is forbidden. No competitive brand-name reference is to be used during the technical portion of the session. Always make reference to the chemical name of the ingredient being discussed. Company logo can be included in the fixed format presentation slide deck provided by Excipient World.