Excipient World Speaker Information

Build thought leadership by sharing your expertise with the excipient-user manufacturing community.

Excipient World is a powerful platform where drug and healthcare product manufacturing professionals can build their industry thought leadership position by presenting a session in the 2020 conference program. This year’s program will focus on the role excipients will play in the future of innovator and generic drugs, biologics, biosimilars, OTC, medical device / combination products, veterinary medicine, consumer healthcare and other products that rely on excipients.



Excipient World Conference Schedule:

May 11, 2020: In-depth, interactive half-day conference workshops on technical and regulatory issues

May 12 – 13, 2020: Two full days of education sessions in several tracks

The conference will feature sessions designed for excipient-user manufacturing professionals in every role within the manufacturing process, including:


  • Research & Development
  • Formulation – Operations
  • Commercial Operations / Production
  • Engineering
  • Scientist / Chemist / Pharmacist
  • Technical Services / Lab Technician
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control
  • Regulatory / Compliance
  • Supply Chain
  • Procurement / Buyers


Attendees want to hear from their peers! Past speakers include executives from the leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, emerging growth companies, excipient manufacturers, government agencies and universities. We want you to be a part of it!

We are looking for abstracts in these topic areas as they relate to excipients and manufacturing of products using excipients:


Emerging Technologies:

  • 3-D Printing
  • Continuous manufacturing
  • Taste-masking
  • Coating technologies
  • Nano driven technology
Drug Delivery Methods:

  • Downstream biologic formulations
  • Micro-needle / transdermal patch
  • Gene and cell therapies
  • Combination products
  • Medical devices
Supply Chain:

  • Temperature / environmental control containers
  • Logistical transportation
  • Security
  • Contingency planning (ex. Anticipating supply chain disruptions, natural disasters, etc.)
  • Traceability and transparency


Compounding Formulations:

  • Compounding pharmacies – connection with 3-D printing
  • Connection with pediatric formulations
  • Topicals
  • Regulations
  • Veterinary applications
Medical Marijuana:

  • Role in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Applications / effectiveness
  • Dietary supplements (CBD)
  • Dosage forms
  • Update on regulations / regulatory future (ex. Managing cannabis derived products)
  • Analysis / specifications of CBD and / or THC
Drug Shortages:

  • What are companies doing to prevent them?
  • Why do they occur?
  • Counterfeiting
  • Potential impact due to emerging regulations


Other topics are welcome. Simply click the link below to submit your idea today!


SUBMIT AN ABSTRACTSubmission deadline is November 1, 2019


Please direct questions regarding abstract submissions to Courtney Nazareno, 1-571-814-3449 or:


Email Excipient World


The International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council of the Americas (IPEC-Americas) is the global association of manufacturers and users of pharmaceutical excipients and the organizer of Excipient World. IPEC-Americas focuses on the applicable law, regulations, science, and business practices of excipients, and strives to develop the most in-depth, innovative and comprehensive education program for all excipient-user manufacturers. IPEC-Americas is proud that Excipient World’s conference program is internationally recognized as one of the best education programs in the pharmaceutical industry, covering every aspect of excipients and the manufacturing of drugs and healthcare products.

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