The Vital Role of Excipients

Excipient World Medicine Bottles

Excipient World 2019 will showcase excipient innovations on the exhibit floor and in the education program to help pharma, biologics, veterinary medicine and combined medical device manufacturers in the formulation and delivery system process to serve consumers better and produce safe and cost-effective products.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing magazine’s article on Excipient demand trends showcases the key role excipients play in producing new drug and consumer products:

Trends in Excipient Demand

Pharma manufacturers are seeking out innovative excipients that address bioequivalence development and solubility challenges, while enhancing formulation

By Nigel Walker, Managing Director, That’s Nice LLC/Nice Insight
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Jun 02, 2017

Excipients play a key role in helping pharmaceutical manufacturers serve patients better through improved compliance and efficacy of treatment. They also help reduce developmental costs and provide opportunities to differentiate products through new modes of drug delivery.

Experts identify several trends driving excipient demand: solubility and bioavailability challenges, as well as the desire to increase the lifecycle of a drug, improve manufacturing efficiency and address the growing bioequivalence market.

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